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An Accomplishment, Event, Or Realization That Sparked A Period Of Personal Growth

Prior to applying to this university, I took online courses for an Accounting degree. It took just a few years for me to realize that it was not my true calling, but during my time at the university, I was able to take several electives. The majority of my chosen electives were psychology based, including basic psychology, psychology of behavior, and psychology of addiction. I found all these courses incredibly interesting and through this, I learned to overcome my personal issues and look deeper to understand the issues that others may be having.

The first thing that I took away from these psychology courses was my love of the subject. I find it completely fascinating the way that the mind works. It is interesting how neural pathways light up and become stronger the more you do something, until it is second nature. It is also incredibly interesting that the mind is divided into the conscious and subconscious. Additionally, while the mind can be changed, it takes a lot of hard work and patience. Many people expect changes to happen almost immediately and then are disappointed when they do not work. Understanding each of these things pushed me toward understanding my own mind and the minds of those around me.

Before I attempted to understand others, I was interested in understanding my own mind. I have struggled with mental health for many years, starting when I was a young teen. By taking psychology courses, I was able to learn about the way that the mind works. I learned how the subconscious mind is reflexive. It takes the past experiences of your life and totals them together, creating a seemingly natural reaction when you are upset or anxious. For example, someone who regularly talks negatively of themselves often does so reflexively, not even really thinking it until it is present in their conscious mind. Psychology taught me that through consciously changing the thought, even by stating the opposite, the subconscious mind can eventually be changed. It does take time and hard work, but it leads to better mental health. It was through understanding psychology, not medication or therapy, that I learned to cope with my personal problems.

In today’s society, it seems as if many people are struggling with mental health problems. Some of these problems are genetic, while others are brought on by the trials of life. Through understanding psychology, I became more empathetic toward the people who may need help. Psychology made me more understanding of these people and I have since tried to accommodate them without passing judgment, in a world where people may often look down on them. Additionally, I have learned to speak out and offer a kind word or stay silent and offer a listening ear when it is necessary. Sometimes people need to hear and other times they need to be heard.

Psychology is an incredibly interesting subject. I believe that even taking a basic class may open students up to the world around them and teach them to be more empathetic towards others. It could be a useful tool in creating a better world. For me, it definitely had incredible effects, both on my own personal growth and the way that I interact with others. I am glad that I had the opportunity to take these various psychology classes and develop a deeper understanding of the human mind.


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