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Describe A Problem You’ve Solved Or A Problem You’d Like To Solve

In the United States, an astonishing 5,000 veterans die by their own hand each year. Though these veterans are the one’s who take their life, it is the lack of support when these men and women come back from serving in the military that is the ultimate cause of their death. Approximately 30,000 veterans are homeless and sleeping on the streets, while hundreds of thousands are at risk of becoming homeless. This is an ethical dilemma of great significance, as this lack of support is no way to treat the men and women who have served the country.

This ethical dilemma is significant to me because I live in the United States. I have had several military family members, though fortunately, most of them are doing well. This is an ethical dilemma to me because I call myself an American. I believe that what the country does with its retired veterans is despicable. I also believe that the long-term care of veterans, be it therapy, medication, or housing, should be considered a cost of war and included under the military budget. Considering the current budget and how it is dispersed among different departments, it should be rather easy to allocate the proper funds to help veterans more.

While the steps that I take to fight this only exist on a small level, I do try to provide support. It is not an uncommon sight for homeless veterans to be seen in my city, usually holding signs that declare their status as a veteran and their disdain for the country that they gave years of their life, as well as their peace of mind. When I see these people, I give out the cash in my pocket that I can afford to spend, usually $10-$20. I also have brought food to these people when I go shopping, including it in the cost of my groceries. The other way that I have helped is by donating to Veteran causes, either when they stand collecting outside of business or when the cashier/restaurant worker asks for my donation.

Though I do try to do my part, this problem is not one that I can tackle alone. There are many steps that can and should be taken to ensure the safety and longevity of these veterans once they return home. First, the care of veterans leaving the military should be a priority in the military budget. When billions of dollars can be spent building things like drones, some of this should be set aside for veteran affairs. Additionally, there should be more research done into what is needed for veteran success after leaving the military. There are some programs in place, but it is obvious that the current system is not working. More research needs to be done on why the current programs are not working and what improvements can be made to see a decrease in veteran homelessness and veteran suicide. Additionally, the budget for veteran affairs must be expanded.

It is completely unethical to treat the men and women who have served in the military as if they do not matter when they come home. The people who have fought for the United States should receive quality care and priority treatment when it comes to finding jobs and affordable housing. The government and people of the United States owe it to them for all they have done for the country.

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