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The Importance Of Your Background, Identity, Interest, Or Talent

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When I was 19, after difficulty finding housing for over a year, I moved to Texas with my boyfriend of a year. We each packed a single suitcase of some clothing and our most valuable items and climbed on a Greyhound bus. We would spend the next day and a half of our lives on our way to Texas, where his mother would be meeting us. It was his mother and her husband that would end up being two of the most important people in my life.

His mother and stepfather were new to me and they looked at me like nobody else had. My entire life, I had grown up struggling with depression and panic attacks. Everyone around me in my hometown saw me as this brilliant mind that was burdened by things that made exhibiting my great intelligence impossible. I struggled to even complete the school day, often going home or ending up in the nurse’s office for the day after full-blown panic attacks. For this reason, my mother and my case manager encouraged me to apply for disability payments as soon as I was 18. It was approved almost immediately and I was content living off this money, thinking that I’d never be capable of doing something more.

My boyfriend’s mother, Kelly, had a kind soul while his stepfather, Butch, was a strict man. Butch had given us three months to find jobs, get on our feet, and move into our own house. I walked around with my boyfriend the first few days after we moved there, accompanying him while he looked for a job. After a while, his parents questioned why I wasn’t applying anywhere. They were aware of my disability check, but they were unsure of why I was accepting one. After a few heart-to-hearts, they gave me the support that nobody else had. They told me that it was hard to believe I was not capable of great things, realizing that I was both kind and intelligent. It was this push and these kind words that led me to apply to a few places for my first job.

It took me a few weeks, but I finally earned my first job. Both McDonald’s and Wal-Mart hired me following my interviews and I chose to work at Wal-Mart, a position I would hold for several years before moving on to better things. I was also inspired to apply to college, pursuing an accounting degree. I earned an Associate’s Degree before realizing that accounting was not my true calling, which led me to apply for this degree today. I never had believed I was so capable of being successful in life.

Though packing up a single suitcase and moving across several states with a guy I had only known a year may not have been my wisest choice in life, it did lead me to the encounter with his parents, without whom I would not be the person that I am today. I do not know what would have happened if these people had not come into my life, because it was them that first told me that I could be bigger and better than the depression and anxiety that had limited me thus far in my life. I did end up moving back to my hometown eventually, but it was with the newfound knowledge and capabilities that I had learned, as well as my belief in myself.


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