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About Me

Hi, I am Sarah, and I am very proud to present to you my blog. This blog is based on two of my biggest passions: writing and helping other people out. You may be wondering why I have spent so much time building this blog when the topic of college essay writing and exams should be taken care of within a few blog posts. However, college has a complex structure, and if you think that you can talk about all the different range of topics pertaining to college in just a few blog posts, then, well you are very wrong!

What my blog consists of is mainly tips and hints on how to succeed in college. Now, a large part of college is based on essay writing and examinations, depending on what major you choose to specialize in. For example, some majors will be heavily based on exams, such as mathematics and physics. Some will have a large essay component to them, such as sociology and psychology. Therefore, my blog caters to all audiences, as I post tips on both how to achieve exam success and how to navigate the tricky essays you will be receiving during college.

Also, keep an eye out on special blog posts by some of my readers who have achieved success through my blog. I have a lot of testimonies, and sometimes I let these followers give back to my audience. So, take a look around, and take in all the tips I have for you. Hope you enjoy!


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